I do not need other people to be well, and I'm proud of that. Many people can not control loneliness can not accept the idea of ​​being alone, and that is a pretty sad scene.
I see couples of teenagers and adults thinking if they depend on the other to be happy if their happiness depends on whether they have someone at their side, that they kiss them, that they touch them, that they embrace them, that they are simply there.
But in reality they are not there, their fantasies that someone is there is always wrong.
Many confuse the beautiful with the easy, and it is a pity because ... we always deserve more in life, but that is, we accept the love we think we deserve. I am one of the few people who feel good about themselves, who care what they think and feel.
And I do not say that we will be alone all our lives, but to be with someone and to love him with what we are, let us begin to love ourselves.