Attention=This Creepypasta Is Not Mine It's Translated from Spanish This Creepypasta Is Based Off A Nightmare Of Someone In Youtube called "soul punisher"

Everything seemed nomal like any other usual day boring like always, I was waiting with excitement an arcade that my uncle was sending me from Europe, I was very excited until the day a van came with the arcade I got out of the house I recieved it and placed it in my room

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I was very excited but a little worried that it wouldn't work because it was old and a little dirty but even so I didn't lose my hopes and conneted it, for my surprise and joy it worked perfectly and it had more than 1000 games like Marvel Vs Capcom, Marvel Vs Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat 2, Tekken 3, Street Fighter Alpha 2 and many more, I was playing different games each day until one Friday after getting out of school I wanted to play The King Of Fighters 2002

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It was my favorite game of all the franchise, but to my surprise I didn't find it, It wasn't there, there was just The King Of Fighters 2001 and The King Of Fighters 2003, I did get sad but I didn't lose my hope to find it but in the end I was very desperate and turned off the Arcade and turned it back on after a few minutes to play a different game after turning on the arcade the list of games showed "2002" but very bad written and distorted that scared me a little I was thinking to myself "What if something bad happens to me like in a creepypasta?" I ignored it and scrolled down to play X Men Children Of The Atom

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After playing for a while I felt curious of that strange game a while later I decided to try the game, after getting out of X Men wich I was playing I scrolled up to find the game when I selected it an image of loading appeared with one of my favorite characters Kusanagi

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But he looked really creepy and I felt that nothing good was going to come out of that, When the game finished loading it took me directly to the screen of KOF 2002, I felt calm until I went to chose my characters the only characters you could choose is Seth, Rugal and Angel the rest of the characters were'nt there, there was just a black square where they are supposed to be I got a little worried and selected the only characters they had

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When I wanted to chose the order of the characters it chose randomly by itself, I had to beat the team of K' i was dissapointed I am very terrible with Seth and Angel the match was about to start I was Rugal I had to defeat Whip I couldn't move and Whip started saying "We're doomed he's coming for us and you" that really scared me because she said it in english and not in japanese I wanted to leave the game but I couldn't, something had me stuck to the joystick I tried to run but I couldn't I was screaming for help so my parents could hear me but they couldn't hear me

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After 5 minutes of screaming I just decided to keep playing and my opponents weren't moving, they were just letting themselves get hit I defeated K' team and the next team I had to defeat were The Sacred Treasures

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But the three of them were on the stage Kyo was very dissapointed and said to Chizuru "Why did you do that to the whole world why?" and Iori very furious "What the hell were you thinking!? Why did you create him!? You did not just sentence us but you sentenced the whole world" Chizuru crying said "I'm so sorry he forced me to create him he was very powerul he controlled me, I beg you to forgive me"

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I was very terrified I tried to attack with Seth but when I was about to do so, the team went off running and I win the match a challenger was coming,waiting to see who it was I was surprised to see Orochi i couldn't believe it how is it possible that Orochi is in this game when I was deeating him he said "Run as fast as possible he will find you and once he does that you'll wish to be dead he is very strong he doesn't compare to anyone in this tournament please get out of here" at that point Orochi disappeared and the Orochi Team appeared Yashiro said "I don't care if I have to kill you my friend, I don't want you to suffer" he attacked me with everything he defeated Angel and Seth The Only one I had left was Rugal when the match started I did a combo I defeated Yashiro, Shermie and Chris I noticed that I was already in the final boss to my surprise the bosses were Joe and Kim but they looked zombified and had black wings I was very terrified they looked like fallen angels at the time of defeating them the stage was hell and all the Fighters were impaled like if they were trophies

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Joe and Kim said the following "You have no idea what you got yourself in to prepare to fight" I only had Rugal left but luckily I defeated both Joe and Kim I thought the nightmare was over, I was wrong it takes me to another stage wich is were you need to defeat Orochi in the KOF 97 and my final opponent was Kusanagi and he told me "You have freed me, now you belong to me, you will be my slave for eternity and I will feed off the blood of humanity there is no escape, I will rule the world forever"

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Hearing that I started crying but I tried to fight him at the moment of doing the Kaiser Wave of Rugal, Kusanagi did a combo that gave me 1000 hits, with every hit Kusanagi gave to Rugal he was getting dismembered as he was screaming "Help please, stop him" at that moment Kusanagi burned him he jumped to the screen and said "You can't escape from me anymore the whole world belongs to me and everything thanks to you get ready I'm now coming for you"

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He got his hand out of the screen and I fainted

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I woke up and saw the arcade destroyed, and I was very scared, when I opened the door of my room to ask for help I encountered Kusanagi he had the heads of my parents in each of his hands, he was very angry he smashed my head against the window and I saw something horrifying my whole neighborhood was destroyed and in flames the sky was dark and it was raining blood a lot of people were crying and screaming for mercy Kusanagi grabbed me and crashed me against the wall and told me the following "You're a fool thinking that I was just a Videogame character, you never thought that I would become into this you are really a fool everone that plays my game will be tortured forever in my Kingdom and the ones like you that used me will be serving me for eternity, I played with you until the day you freed me, everything is your fault my whole kingdom is the earth because of you and I thank you, to reward you I will play with you like you did to me"

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I couldn't do anything anymore I just gave up and close my eyes so all of this can end, I opened my eyes and I find myself in my bed I got up to see if that arcade was still there, it wasn't there everything was just a nightmare with one of my favorite characters but it still scares me to play KOF 2002 and choose Kusanagi