Hi everyone! My name is Hayley, and this is my first article.
I wasn't sure what I wanted to write about first, but this morning while going through my weekly Monday routine, which this week included making a new batch of my fave face spray, so I thought why not make an article about it? Here is my DIY face spray using essential oils and some (optional) extras.

What you need:
1- Water, I always boil before using it. It helps to get out any chemicals and bad things you don't want on your skin.
2- A old bottle with a spray nozzle. I recommend glass, because some Essential oils don't react well with plastic bottles. I reused the bottle from a face spray I got from TJMaxx for about $7. It is an 8oz bottle.
3- Peppermint and Eucalyptus essential oils, Tea Tree is also great for this, I just didn't have any. Peppermint and Eucalyptus are both great for acne, and help to promote soft healthy skin! For my 8oz bottle I use 10 drops of each.
4-Oil, Like Coconut,Rose Hip, I wouldn't use anything to thick. This is technically optional, but I highly recommend it because the oil will help everything sink into your skin easier, as well as help to promote soft skin! I use Rose Hip oil from the brand measurable difference. I got it at TJMaxx for around $6-$8. For my 8oz bottle I use 2 tablespoons.

5: Serum. This goes along with the oil. Serums are designed to deeply penetrate your skin to deliver nutrients and repair your skin. I use one from Valjean Labs called Restore, I got it at TJMaxx for $6-$8. This past time I also used one from The Ordinary, Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%, its said to help with blemishes. Since I've only used it once I don't feel totally okay with reviewing it, but that is another option. You can use ANY serum you like! For my 8oz bottle I used probably about a tablespoon of each.

After you boil the water its super simple, you just add your ingredients, mix a little, let it cool, then funnel it into your bottle!

These ingredients will last you SO LONG! I have made around ten batches of this stuff for myself, as well as friends and family, as my supplies are barely showing usage!

Note: Please keep in mind that everyone's skin is different, what works for me may not work for you. Also, while I think spray is great it isn't a magic potion that will fix all your skin issues overnight. It will take time! :)

Thank you to everyone for reading! Please message me with ANY questions, or to suggest a topic to write about next!