i saw an article about these horrible comments boys said to the author and i thought about things boys/people have said to me that has made me the person i am today.

- Are you a virgin?
- Have you tried shaving your legs?
- Four-eyes
- Normal girls don't act like you
- Ugly fat shit
- Watching that bullshit won't lose the fat that's on your stomach
- So how many boyfriends have you had in the past few months?
- Slutty bitch
- Only people who want to die are as anorexic as you are, try eating

With these remarks I told myself that only I can love the real me. I'm the only person who can improve myself. I'm the only person who can motivate myself to get up off my fat-ass and exercise. I can do me and you can do you. We, Females need to stop waiting on men to tell us we're beautiful and start telling ourselves we're beautiful. We need to stop letting scales tell us we're too fat to have that last piece of chocolate in the fridge. The number on the scale does not define who you are. Your looks don't define who you are, and neither does the stretch marks that are on your belly. Self love isn't selfish, so never let any male tell you it is. If they can't worship you with your acne, your stretchmarks, your braces and glasses, they aren't worthy enough for you to be loving them.