age- 13 (going on 14)

best movie- whats eating gilbert grape

current time- 9:04 pm

drink i had last- water

everyday starts with- trying to get out of bed

favorite song- we are number one. haha no sorry. it's breathe (in the air)

grossest memory- throwing up

height- 5'1"

I'm in love with- leonardo dicaprio

jealous- people who have dimples and look good with any hair colour and style

killed someone- uh no?

last time i cried- idk

middle name- theresa

number of siblings- one, my older sister

one wish- to lose some weight (lol basic)

person you last called/texted- my friend skylar

questions you're always asked- "why do you have so many freckles?" and "why do you like gay people?" and "are you gay or something?"

reasons to smile- troye sivan could be writing new music or everyone i fangirl over are doing something productive

song you last sang- "the good side" by troye sivan

time you woke up- 7:15 am

underwear colour- uh creepy question but grey

vacation places- holden beach in north carolina and new york

worst habit- eating and talking about people

x-rays you've had- none

you're favourite food- stuffed shells and bread

zodiac sign- aries :)

that was a lot of fun. lol.