I started walking to my next class with you by my side. Even though we have been friends for a while, people never fail to assume we're dating. I'm not sure what I think of you yet. I get little sparks in my veins when you talk to me though, so that must mean something. Right?

You wouldn't like me. You told me once, "I am incapable of loving anther being". I told you, "That's not true, you're kind. The world just doesn't see you like I do."

"That's what I like about you Jay. You see me differently, but you need to understand I'm dangerous Jay. I'm not a good guy. I'm dangerous".

You sounded in pain to say that, and a little part of me knew you were dangerous, but my heart ignored the warning.

Soon the clicking of heels came towards us, "Jay and Soren! What an odd combination together."

Ashley, also known as the typical bimbo of the school, was basically my person bully. Well, not that much anymore since I'm around Soren a lot. Just like every girl at the school, she had a thing for him. She just didn't know that she had no chance.

I smile, "You wearing a shirt ten times too small, what an odd combination!"

She growled at me, taking a step towards me raising her right hand claws at me. I honestly panicked for a second, but luckily Soren was quick enough as he grabbed her wrist pushing her back. I felt his arms wrap around my waist, pulling me back. till I was pressed against him.

Your voice went low and husky, and I watched your eyes turn a darker shade as you spoke, "Don't touch her. I will ruin you Ashley. Ruin your entire life, so I'd suggest you walking away. Right now."

Ashley was pale, and red from embarrassment. Hell, I probably would've been redder if the bad boy of the school just threatened me.

She turned her back walking quickly away as Soren's arms fell to his side.

I whispered a thanks to you, while you just nodded your head. You told me, "Don't let anyone mess with you Little Jay. You come to me when there's trouble."

And from that time on. I ended up coming to you a lot because Ashley wasn't happy with me, and neither was anyone else. The warning that you gave her didn't stop her from getting more nasty.

As she got meaner, I got more anxious. And in some moments Soren started to get more distant.