Hello everyone!

There are only 2 days left until Valentine's Day. If you're single like me, the best thing you can do is turn Valentine's Day into a Me-Day. Take advantage of this day to rest, relax and do things that you like. Here are some ideas:

1) Breakfast

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Start the day in the best possible way and make a breakfast with your favorite things: orange juice, toast with avocado, a bowl of yogurt, seeds, oatmeal and some fruit, coffee, a smoothie, whatever you want!

2) Self-care day

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Make a spa day and take care of yourself. Take a bath of warm water, put your favorite scented candles, make yourself a facial mask, a hair treatment or have your nails done. You deserve a day to relax and take care of you.

3) Watch a movie / Read a book

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Have you wanted to watch a movie or read a book for a while and don't have time? There are chapters of your favorite series that you have not seen yet? This is the moment to do it.

4) Make yourself a gift

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You don't need anyone to give you something. Go and buy yourself a bunch of flowers, a box of chocolates or that necklace you saw in a store and you liked it. Buy it, for you.

5) Shopping

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I personally love shopping. Buy a new dress or something nice for you or if you prefer you can buy gifts for your family or friends.

6) Go to a nice place

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Sometimes the only thing we need is to be alone. Go to a place that you like and that makes you feel good. Go to the beach, the forest, the mountains, wherever you want. Take some time for yourself, to think and relax.

7) Do something new

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There is no better day to try new things than this. Make a new recipe, try a new makeup style, start learning a language, whatever.

8) Do something you always wanted to do

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Did you always want to learn how to dance, to dive or do some extreme sport? Do it.

9) Dance

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You can go to a party or just play your favorite playlist on Spotify. Just dance your worries, sing your problems and forget about everything.

10) Disconnect

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Okay, this is not an idea, it's more like a tip. For one day, turn off your cell phone and television. Focus on you and not the people around you. This is something I do very often and it helps me to relax and think about myself.

"Don't forget to fall in love with yourself first"

That's all, I hope you enjoyed this article.

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Thanks for reading. Have a lovely day!

- Sharo