As we all know high school is a terrifying place for most of us but for others its painted in pink . For those who have the chance to have it make great memories go ahead and good for you ( I say this sincerely ) but for most its their nightmare that has come to life , a place where they don't fit in or simply don't like for various reasons .

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Many people including me struggle through high school But you know what , you are not alone and most importantly thats not real life !

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Stay silent and when you've reached some goal prove wrong to those who made fun of you or disrespected you . Think of it this way , many make fun of the so called ¨nerd¨ but really he's creating a future for him/her and maybe someday that person who made fun of him/her will eventually work for that ¨nerd ¨. ( just an example )*

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REMEMBER High school does not define who and what you are outside those halls choose to be better .

ps: If you know someone that is in some sort of trouble ask for help such as a family member (or talk to me ).

- advice from the Unknown girl