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1-I've got Spain (I'm Latina) and Italian origins! But I'm born in Canada🤔🤗.
2-I am latina.
3-I've got accepted in The Voice Jr (LaVoixJr) but I refused (Long story).
4-I'm a model, singer, actress (yep!).
5-Every Weekend, I do fitness W/ a lot of friends or alone (I'm a fitgirl).
6-I have a YouTube Chanel (LJ BP).
7-I'm 14 years old.
8-I will live in L.A W/ my Bestie when I will be 16 years old or 18.
10-I am LifeGuard, I do BabySitting and like I said i'm model, etc.
11-My favorite song is "You lost me".
12-Dance, Gymnastic, sing, sleep, eat! My favorites hobby!
13-My mother was an actress (Her name: Michelle Barbara Pelletier).
14-My dreams destinations: I will do an articles for.
16-I'm Vegetarian.
17-A LOOOOOOT of people suggest me to go in the Secondary show because of my voice.
18-I speak Spanish (Duh! Origin), Italian (Also origin!Ha!), English (DUUUUH) and French(Yup).
19-My guilty pleasure: Eat Sushis!!!!
20-I can wake up at 4am because I have an idea. I am a person of night.
21-I'm a very impulsive person, if I want something right now, I'll do it or I'll get it.
22-I intend to get piercings and tattoos.
23-I am Wiccan.
24-I often eat pastries .. Oops!
25-I'm always right because I'm a girl and girls are always right! Ha!
26-I'm doing afternoon tea.
27-My biggest fear: Spiders.
28-I like to PLAY Hockey.
29-I LOVE to read.
30-In primary school, I was spying school on my school with a friend.
31-Unlike most, I'm not afraid of death. Because not to be afraid of death is to live.
32-I believe in ghosts and spirits of all kinds.
33-I hate touching my face with wet hands, it disgusts me!
34-I always invent new words that only me understands. Soon I could formalize a new language.
35-I have attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity disorder and I am autistic.
36-My favorite movies: Suicide Squad and Safe Haven.
37-I'm ADDICTED to Netflix.
38-I do skateboarding and I love that!
39-I made a Instagram account for my cat. I also want to do one for all my pets.
40-I love animal: example, my aunt's horse hate everybody EXCEPT me! (I have also a lot of animal:2 dogs (A miniature poodle and a golden doodle), one cat, 1 bunny, 1 horse, etc.!)
41-My birthday is in June so I am going to be 15 years old soon.
42-I am a fan of movie and series of adventures, horror, love, humor, etc!(My faves are horror, the proof is that I even went to a horror film festival and I got a jacket from this one! It's called "Maléficia"!)
43-My biggest difficulty that I try to improve: Enjoy every moment.
44-My cat's named Boo, my two dogs are Kiwi & Mr.Magoo, my bunny is Pinocchio and my horse is Julio!
45-My aunt works on a farm and so that's how I got my pets!
46-I pretend to text when I see someone I don't like.
47-I reassure myself when I eat chips and poutine (!!!!!!) and tell me that after they are just potatoes!😅
48-I am not naive and I could be Spy or detective because YES my deductions are always good.
49-When you don't know me, I look shy (which is wrong) and alone (which is DOUBLY wrong) but when you know me well you can realize that I am a funny girl and really popular !
50-I'm a gang leader.
51-I am VERY good in drawings, I will show you by publication or just at the bottom of the article.
52-I wrote a book and right now I am doing another!
53-My current hobbies mainly involve working out. I enjoy going to the gym, running, yoga and CrossFit.
54-I am addicted to going to music festivals such as download festival, reading and Leeds festival, etc and have attended at least one festival every year since 2012.
55-I love all the seasons but my favorite-favorite is autumn!
56-I love pastels colors but my bedroom is white and I love that!(I'll post a picture of it!)
57-Pretty much half of my wardrobe is black clothing.
58-I have a Bullet Journal for every single day of the years.
59-At school (Because YES I go to school duh!), we need sometime to do a text of example 500 words. But all the time, I ALWAYS do more like for example the last time it was 500 words and I did 800 words and more.
60-I'll do an article about all my favourites shop and about my shopping!
61-Soon I'll do vlogs on my YouTube Chanel so don't forget to follow me on it! and I have a chanel w/ my bestie
62-I'm Gemini.
63-My hair becomes curly in the water. But they're flat when they don'y have water on it.
65-I love to do Road Trip!
66-A Lazy Day without Junk food, without Netflix, without TV, without bed, etc. is not a Lazy Day for me!
67-I like all the Harry Potter's books and movies!
68-I must have hundreds of high-heeled shoes like no heels!
69-I also have the job of making cupcakes!
70-I'll have an IphoneX soon!
71-I am the type of person who always goes to the Partys!
72-I am Fashion.
73-My bedroom is so cozy and has a lot of wonderful things like for example, I have a lot of cactus, pictures, little lights, etc.! I love it!
74-I can't leave home without decorating my nails.
75-I'm probably the most DIY girl in the world! I like it so much!
76-I looooove Levi's!
77-I always do spa on the Weekend!
78-I loooove Nike!
79-I often wear army pants and sweaters like that too!
80-In summer, I often wear stylish sunglasses!
81-In Summer, I do Yoga on the mountain in front of my house.
82-I do Sailing and I lovvvve that!
84-I love Starbuck+I always do beautiful pictures there!
85-I think it's really important for everybody to be happy! :-)
86-I have 3 Instax Mini: Blue, green and pink! I want also a yellow!
87-I LOVE to surf!!!!
88-Deers are sooo cute!
89-I like to go Camping!
90-I do HorseBack Riding!
91-I also do painting with my draws!
92-I like to cook!
93-A true friend is for me a girl/boy that when you insult her/him, she/he smiles at you and spits you a worse! HAHA! And if I do something crazy she/he won't let me do it...Well actually not without her/him!!HAHA!
94-I do BaseBall.
95-I always take beautiful notes!
96-Calvin Klein!!!
97-I am a photograph
98-I'm a Rebel!
100-I'm a Girl Gamer
101-I am a night owl as they say. And I sleep during the day to party at night. If not, I usually go to bed around 3:00 am or more. But in the morning you CAN'T wake me up.
102-Just like I said, I'm a PartyGirl: Often I do Partys and peoples come to my BIG house!
103-I say BIG house because we will live in a house that looks more like a castle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
104-I do Arrow Bow with my dad and I forgot to mention it
105-My lucky number is seven because of a lot of things. Some of them are: my first tooth fell when I was that age, All Harry Potter's numbers are seven (there's seven books but also if yo didn'y notice, the producter put seven evrytime: seven serpents on the dore, seven there, seven here, etc"), the lucky richy number is seven too, I have seven jobs (yeah), etc..
106-I lovve to do design of all! If I go somewhere, after your house is not the same!
107-I DIYed my hairs in purple, pink and light blue but now they are like brown-blond. I also intend to continue doing so.
108-I used to do Trampoline.
109-I'm not shy to talk about reality, example: sexuality, bullying, mental trouble, etc.
110-I am a rural AND at the same time a urban girl!
111-U know my name not my entire story...

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