I hope you're ready to take on the world cause these tips will guarantee it.

1. The To-Do's

Starting a day without a plan is like going to school without a pen. We've all done it, but that doesn't mean we should. A plan also doesn't need to be a minute-to minute schedule. It can simply be, preferably three, things you want to get done that day.

2. Become an Early Bird

Between 8 and 10 am is the best possible time to wake up. It's not too early, but you'll still have the whole day ahead of you.

3. Happy Thoughts

Fill your morning with a thing that cheers you up and helps you think positively. For ex. cartoons.

4. The Outfit

Wear something that makes you feel confident and cute every day!

5. Socialize

Whatever you are doing that day, making time for others is a day well spent. Being alone is good for you, but you can't do that too much. Go mingle. Show yourself to others and they will show themselves to you. (dirty thoughts aside, I meant spiritually;)

5. Phoneless

Apparently the more you are on your phone means, the more stressed you are. So for a more productive, positive and stress-free time, check your phone less during the day.

6. Nature Calls

Going out can get you out of your head and make the hard stuff at home, for ex. homework easier. Going outside to a coffee shop and just showing your face is good for you, but also for others! You give them more company and unity. :)

Hope you have a better, more positive and productive day whether you use these or not! :)

xo, Dreamerella99