1. Do A Cool Photoshoot (that actually goes well)

friends, sunset, and summer image friends, girl, and friendship image

2 .Go On A Road Trip

friends, girl, and summer image friends, girl, and friendship image

3. Go To Each-Others Weddings

Image by Aĺëxīą BÆ dress, friends, and wedding image

4. Go On Vacation

girl, friends, and mountains image friends, girl, and travel image

5. Go To Coachella

coachella, girl, and friends image coachella, girl, and festival image

6. Go To Disney

disney, friends, and travel image girl, friends, and disney image

7. Have An Epic Target Adventure

best friends, food, and girls night image friends, friendship, and best friends image

8. Go On A Yacht Vacation

girl, summer, and hair image girl, summer, and friends image

9. Be Roommates

friends image fashion, model, and taylor hill image

10. Wear Something Crazy And Go Out At Night

unicorn, friends, and grunge image friends, unicorn, and bff image