"how would you describe colors to someone who is blind?"

that's a difficult question. you can't say yellow looks like a sunflower or blue looks like the sky or green looks like the grass because the truth is, they aren't able to see any of those things either.

but you know what they can do? they can feel.

so i start off by saying there was this boy, and every time i looked at him was yellow because his smile radiated through the entire room and was so bright that you couldn't help but smile back. just by him walking into the room, my mood changes and i'm instantly happy, knowing that even for just an hour, we would be together. i would say that his eyes were blue, cold and icy, yet enchanting. i'm falling for his eyes, but they don't know me yet, and i'm scared that they never will. green is when he talks to me and suddenly i feel safe. time passes by-all too quickly, i may say. we talk about the smallest of things, yet i remember every word he says. he could be hard to read, yet he's so intelligent. he talks about life and living and fighting and dying in the most poetic way. and what i like the most about him is that he's a new beginning- a clean, pure, innocent slate when there was never a time he has hurt me or has ever broken my heart. all of this makes him the shade of white. on the other hand, there's black. this is when i see him around other girls; girls he can easily get and myself am overshadowed by. there's something about him that gives him this power to make people love him, to captivate everyone's attention. even her. even me. even you.

i saved the color red for last. this is the way he makes feel. i am finding myself slowly falling down another rabbit hole, one that i've tried for so long to climb out from. that rabbit hole is called love. learning to love him the same way i loved another boy is red. it's dangerous. it's a war zone. but it's also something to long for, something worthwhile.

that's how i would describe colors. it's not something you generally have to see all the time, but it's something you feel. and every time i lose sight of the colors, i can just think of him, knowing the rainbow lies in his cracked pieces.

-d.m. 05/06/16