I've been wanting to write an article since forever, but never really had any ideas for it. I always wanted to jump right in with an interesting topic that could capture any Hearter's eyes, but at the same time I didn't really like the idea of it: I knew I had to take it slow, which is why I'm doing this article today.

Let's start off with the basics (and I know that all of you know what this means):
I'm a girl, currently battling with the very pressuring expectations of school. I, like many others, am obsessed with all sorts of aesthetics. I'm a proud Latina (maybe I'll even talk about it someday here!) who thinks everyone should be given a chance in this world. I end up regretting most things I do, because I'm delirious like that! I usually spend my time fangirling over irrelevant things, like Zac Efron's armpits and the cute little paws of certain kittens. Or, you know, finding a way to be mad at every single thing in this world. I'm definitely a character.

What I'll be writing about:
Probably weird things, like how pencils have the ability to murder you and how high heels have been shown to destroy a woman's sanity. Short stories and poems too, since I love doing that. I'll give advice about the littlest things in the world, because everyone needs a little of it. I don't know yet what I will include in my articles, but I'm looking forward to it.

Oh waffles, please tell me if I did something wrong here because I'd really appreciate it.