This is my first article so I thought you guys should have a chance to get to know me. That's why I'm doing the ABC tag.

a — age
I am 16

b — best movie
I love way too many movies, but I really love To the Bone.

c — current time
I live in Denmark and here it is 21:59 - which is 15:59 PM in New York.

d — drink you last had

e — everyday starts with
My alarm ringing.

f — favorite song
I love music with all of my heart so I cant choose.

g — grossest memory
I can't think of anything, but I can't stand when things smell really much.

h — height
I'm 184 centimeters tall.

i — in love with
No one at the moment.

j — jealous
Of people that live in countries where there is warm all year.

k — killed someone?
Yeah, all the time, just joking, of course, I haven't killed, anyone.

l — last time you cried?
I usually don't cry, but yesterday.

m — middle name

n — number of siblings
I have a twin brother, so one.

o — one wish
For the people around me, to be happy.

p — person you last called/texted
A friend named Mike :))

q — question you’re always asked
"Is that your boyfriend?" - when my twin and I are doing something together.

r — reasons to smile
At the moment not so many - but always remember you are loved by someone.

s — song you last sang
Love Me or Leve Me - Little Mix.

t — time you woke up
7:00 am.

u — underwear color

v — vacations you have been on
Mallorca - Spain
London - United Kingdom
Barcelona - Spain
New York - United States
Berlin - Germany
Milano - Italy
Crete - Greece
Paris - France
Dublin - Ireland
Moscow - Russia

w — worst habit
Saying "what" everytime someone asks me a question, even though I heard it.

x - x-rays you’ve had
I’ve gotten 3 of my left hand.

y — your favorite food
That's a hard one - but I love pizza.

z — zodiac sign

I'm a Taurus