hi peeps
would like to greet everyone and thank for every good soul we have out here.

i feel like interducing myself at first is a good idea

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everyone calls me dëbbs.
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28 april 1999.
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my type of style is no type of style, i think. 95% of my clothes r all in black combined with black boots or white sneaker, to every outfit i wear silver or gold hoops. i usually walk around without make-up, but if i use i almost always have a rose eyeshadow or brown lipstick.
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i believe that we are able to achieve everything, if we really want to.
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oldschool rap, rnb, trapsoul are mostly my type of music. (faves rn: rae sremmurd, sza, xxxtentacion, rich brian, j. cole, flatbush zombies.)
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started november 2014.
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vegeterian since july 2015, hopefully someday a vegan
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i am truly in love with the sky and his friends, their feelings they show and the miracles i see..

- d ë b b s :)