hi peeps.
would like to greet everyone and thank for every good soul we have out here.

i dont like being basic, but i feel like i need to interduce myself. i want u to know who i am, at least for a lil. hahah..

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my name is debora, but everyone calls me dëbbs. i am a 18y old kosovo-albanian living in switzerland.
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i luv the stars. horoscope is my fukking thing.
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u know the beautiful lila colour at sunset in the summer? ya, thats my favourite colour.
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rnb, hiphop, trap are mostly my type of music. ( faves rn: Rae Sremmurd, SZA, Big Sean, Chance The Rapper, etc.)
jordan beach Superthumb city
my traveling list is to damn looooong.
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i smoke cigaretts since 4 years.
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i am vegeterian since 2 y and would like somewhen, when i am able, to change to vegan.
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i believe that we are able to achieve everything, if we really want to.
feminism Superthumb
feminist: we all should be that.
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i hate racism with all hate i can feel. i dont need to understand u, i need to accept u the way u r.
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my boyfriend is a really cute one. (idk why i tell u this, but i just did. hahah..)
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tequila is my favourite alcohol. (i luv it tho)
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"kayko" means "okay okay"; one year ago i was that drunk, that i tried to text my friend a "okay okay" and "kayko" was what came out. since then we use that word.
Superthumb black black aesthetic
u see me mostly in black clothes, rose eyeshadow and some round silver or gold earrings on my ears. (really, i dont look like those typical grunge peeps, i have my own style hahah..)