10 reasons I could never stay:

You weren't ready to dance when I was, you let my hand go in the essence.

The night you left I fell asleep on the floor of my shower I was so broken I fell to my knees and asked God if he could take me

You would've let him take me

I was willing to give up a part of me for you, I was willing to compromise my dreams for you, I was ready to be the person you needed.

You never really needed me the way I needed you to.

I talked to my grandmother this morning and she asked me where the princess she remembered raising went, she asked me how I could be good for anyone if I wasn't good for me.
She asked me if I were looking for kings who were looking for queens and how somewhere along the way I lost myself so they all missed me.

You loved me the way my father always loved my mother and I no longer accept men with conditional traits.

As a woman, I am obligated to continue loving, as a man you are eager to continue lusting.

I was made gracefully with spiritual glitter and faithful glue.

I was given wings that you tried to cut through, I was born with a voice that you tried to silence. & a body that you tried to shame me of

you were spilling our love into someone else's

Behind my back.

It took me awhile to see that, someone like you doesn't deserve a heart that only like myself was willing to offer.

I'm starting to find myself and while picking up the pieces to my unfinished puzzle I'm realizing that this were never meant to fit the picture.

You left scars on my skin that will never let me forget what love is not.

You were wrong about me. You said I could never live without you, you thought I'd stick around for you to figure out how beautiful we could be, but I've planted scriptures in your palms that no one else will ever understand but all will see and then they'll wonder what happened.

Then they'll ask about me, tell them how I used to hold on because I loved you enough to never let you forget me.

Then let them know that I've become forgiving and you've grown to resent me.

I've grown from every text I've wrote and every word you've spoke and you've learned my love made itself permanent on its own.

You were the one who made me want to have children, to became a mother. But tell me, how could I tell my daughter that his dad once left me, didn't love me, wasn't there when I needed him.

I am a fool to fairytale love, I need my Romeo more than I need anything else.

To get me back, you would need to convince your love for the rest of our life.

I'll try to find you in my next life but I hope you'll find me in this one.