Hi loves,
I decided to make a part two for you guys
because you seemed to love the last one.
I walked around the city to see what are
the most populair trends at the moment,
this is the list i came up with.
X - Luna
“The human body is the best work of art.”

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Yes please, I absolutely adore this trend. Glitter are totally coming back, but have they ever been gone?


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Blouses are absolutely beautiful, you can dress the up or down, you'll rock them!

Animal prints

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A disclaimer with these print's! : make sure to not make the clothing item look cheep. These prints look amazing if you wear them the right way.


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There is not sush a thing as too much jewelery!

Bold jeans

Image by кяιѕтιи🥀 Temporarily removed
Love this trend.


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These pantalons are my favorite things EVER!