Have you? I have. It's like if you've known this person for ages, when, in fact, you just met... it's like if you're getting pulled back to them. Not a sexual feeling, something deeper, something that you can't even put into words but somehow you know that they feel the same way.

You feel super hyped with their presence, you enconter coincidences and synchronicities out of your control and, somehow, everything you do draw you too together. It's a shared sense of familiarity and comfort and almost as a feeling of predestination, like as if you were supposed to cross paths. And trust me, I'm not a person that believes in fate or destination but with this girl, with my bestfriend, I'm completely 100% sure that we're meant to be together and that, if anything else, our mission in this planet is to show the world what true friendship is like and what's the proper way to treat other human beings, because there's all this stories about people killing each other and you start having doubts about human kind, but then this girl shows up in your life, completely turning it upside down, and when you realise it, you can't live without her anymore.

I hope you all have the opportunity to experience it, cause I sure as hell did and now... Now all I can do is thank God for her existence!

I wish you all the best of luck in life and if you're going through some rough path, remember : "Water dripping day by day wears the hardest rock away."