10 Reasons I Could Never Leave:
I found you first.

You were mine before anyone wanted you.
You were mine before the growth & the grooming & I've made you into what you are.
You don't deserve to leave me.

Someone once told me to never make a home out of someone who doesn't love me but I am a refugee & at night I need saving & in the morning I have 4 month pregnant cravings for a love that only we make - by the afternoon.

I get homesick.

We said silent vows as we stared in eachothers eyes & struggled through the sand just to jump in the ocean so we could feel a wave so strong, neither one of us had the strength to pull out of.

You're stuck with me.

Remember that night when we were so drunk we poured our hearts into one another?
As if they were so full with lust that love began to tip over.
You never really could sing but your lips created a symphony,
one of the best I've ever heard.
That night you said u were ready.
despite all my fears of full commitment - that night I made a birthmark out of you.
I pressed you against my skin - delicately yet.
You became permanent.

I remember you said you needed me.

You taught me things about life & me.
That I'm not sure I'll ever truly believe without you like - how to love myself & how worthy I am & how deep I can get before I ever let love inside of me. & how sometimes it's okay to collapse, sometimes it's okay to relapse, sometimes it's okay to miss everything you once were & sometimes it's ok to dip in the past.

Some nights I bleed over you.

I write our story until I get so tired that my wrist won't continue moving.
I haven't reached the ending.

My body has a habit of waiting up for you.

We hold hands tighter then an infant holds his mother.

I've mesmerized the melody between your every heart beat just so I could sing it back if you ever get lonely.
I learned the gaps between your fingers just incase you ever need a hand.

I made sure mine fit perfectly.


You promised we'd grow old together.