You've probably heard the saying "Go follow your dreams!" a million times before. But what do you do if you don't know what your dream is?

How to find your dream

No matter how different we are from each other, we all have something in common: emotions.

There is a little spark your heart makes ever time you hear something that might be related to your calling. It's a feeling of excitement and energy. It's an emotion of unlimited power and pure happiness.

If the art class makes you happy, you might become a well-known artist one day.
If English makes you excited, you might become an amazing teacher in the future.
If you express your feelings better through writing and you feel at peace while doing it, then do. not. lose. it.

Chase your dream

Once you find your passion, hold on to it. Cause there will be people to laugh in your face ( Ignore them), but there will also be people who see your talent and believe in you. (Bless those!)

There is this quote I love (but I couldn't find it so I'll rephrase it):

People who tell you to give up on your dream are the same who gave up on their dreams.

I hope this inspires you to chase your dream, no matter how crazy that sounds!

For me, WHI is the place where I can be myself and where I can encourage others to do the same.

As a proof, I wrote a poem and I made a short video.
You can watch it below.

Stay inspired, keep on dreaming.


P.S. This video is my baby. My baby is cute. Please, be kind to my baby. 😂👆