I feel alone, so alone. Sometimes I want to be alone, but I do not want to feel alone. Then I cry myself again asleep, quietly.
you want to scream, but the only thing you do is put your head in your pillow. So that nobody hears you. Because I can't be weak. There is no place for the weakness. Then the people I love will break, just as I am broken. But I know that I am strong, I know I can do it. I have to, others will not be able to deal with my weakness. I just want to be that person again, before my heart broke, seeing the tears of others.
I just want to be that person again, before she felt alone and empty.
I just want to be that person again, before she got thoughts that made her so frightened. I just want that person again, before she fell apart.
That person who accepted how she was.
That person who was never tired of life.
That happy person.
You know?
I know I must go on. I must not give up. Keep your head up. Stay patient it is going to be okay!
It is so hard not to give up on yourself.

Nobody deserves it to feel like this way. So beautiful person who reading this (and I know for sure you are beautiful!) Please don't give up! If I can do this you can. Go to a person, a theacher, a friend, family or something. And TALK!!! Talk about your feelings they will help you, they will listen and they will care.

(you always can send me a message I am here for you all)
xxx A little girl.