1. Bree Van De Kamp
(Desperate Housewives)

marcia cross image Desperate Housewives, lie, and broken image Desperate Housewives, quote, and tv image beautiful, beauty, and curls image

2. Annalise Keating
(How to Get Away with Murder)

actress, viola davis, and beauty image viola davis, htgawm, and annalise keating image Mature image how to get, htgawm, and away with murder image

3. Cersei Lannister
(Game of Thrones)

cersei and cersei lannister image got, game of thrones, and cersei lannister image game of thrones, lena headey, and cersei lannister image lena headley, game of thrones, and a song of ice and fire image

4. Offred/June
(The Handmaid's Tale)

the handmaid's tale image elizabeth moss, offred, and the handmaid's tale image dark, the handmaid's tale, and film image girl, the handmaid's tale, and tv series image

5. Lagertha

Abusive image vikings and lagertha image Queen, vikings, and lagertha image vikings and lagertha image

6. Raven Reyes
(The 100)

the 100, raven reyes, and lindsey morgan image the 100, raven reyes, and lindsey morgan image the 100, raven reyes, and lindsey morgan image raven reyes, the 100, and lindsey morgan image

7. Leslie Knope
(Parks and Recreation)

Amy Poehler, parks and recreation, and leslie knope image parks and rec, leslie knope, and meme image Amy Poehler, ovaries, and parks and rec image math and true image

8. Sue Heck
(The Middle)

the middle image fine, quotes, and i'm fine image animal print, haha, and Hot image tv, the middle, and sue heck image

9. Addison Carver
(Z Nation)

Mature image asylum, zombie apocalypse, and tv series image zombie, addy, and z nation image Abusive image

10. The Chanels
(Scream Queens)

scream queens, 1x13, and the chanels image abigail breslin, emma roberts, and wallpaper image scream queens, emma roberts, and chanel oberlin image scream queens, chanel oberlin, and emma roberts image