Hi! So... i've been here for a long time (since 2012 i think) and i never did something like this, so you probably dont know that much about me lol

My real name is Milagros, but i like everyone to call me Mila, i'm 20 years and I live in the beautiful Argentina.
And this is my version of #ThisIsMechallenge, hope you like it!

all credits goes to the author of this challenge;

➳ 1 | style

I like to be casual, so im always wearing jeans. I have lot of "minimalist" clothing but i also LOVE patterns and textures, so my style is a mix between those. I like tropical prints, stripes and cool prints with graphics and personality. And i wear my vans 5 of the 7 days of the week.

Superthumb clothes black cool

➳ 2 | colour

I loooove all the types of blue out there, aqua and turquoise (you know, the colors of the ocean)

Superthumb blue indie art

➳ 3 | passions

I love making art, i love painting, drawing and creating. I am studying graphic design, and i enjoy the idea of communicate something through words, colors and expressions. I also love to take photos (mostly of the ocean and my friends) and i like to listen to music all the time and to laugh with the people i love.

art book black alternative

➳ 4 | animals

I prefer dogs over anything else, i wanna have my own dog and go on adventures with him; but talking about wild life i like flamingos (their color is sooo pretty), toucans and dolphins!!! (bc ocean<3)

animal animal animal animal

➳ 5 | food

I love to eat pizza (who doesnt?), pasta, fruits (specially pineapples and kiwis), milanesa (an argentinian meat) and french fries! Oh, and also coffee, i love to drink coffee more than anything in this world.

delicious delicious delicious black

➳ 6 | personality

I consider myself creative, funny and loyal. I may look a little shy, but its until i get in confidence and then i'm the silliest and crazy person out there.

dress fashion black and white Superthumb

➳ 7 | dreams and goals

I want to travel as much as possible, i want to experiment new things. I want to learn new languages and words and i want to inspire other people out there with my work and creations.

alternative blue boy adventure

➳ 8 | books

I have two different tastes in books, i like novels about mistery, crime and suspense, like the ones Agatha Christie and Arthur Conan Doyle wrote, and i also like more "modern" ones, that are about friends, love, adventures and inspiration. My favorite ones are: The Hound of the Baskervilles, Death on the Nile, If I Stay, Paper Towns and The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

book Superthumb book aesthetic

➳ 9 | movies

I don't have an specific type of movie that i enjoy watching, but some of my favorites are: Soul Surfer, The Princess Diaries and School of Rock (i can watch them multiple times and i never get tired)

Anne Hathaway abbey road Superthumb better

➳ 10 | lifestyle

My lifestyle is pretty calm, simple and natural. I like to spend time reading articles, watching videos, doing creative stuff, i like to go the beach whether its summer or winter to take pictures, i like to swim and i like to spend time with my family and friends.

grunge art apple travel

Thank you for reading and for being there all this time, thanks for following and all that cute stuff!

Sending love and sparkles to all of you 💕