On the 9th of February in 1960, Adolph Coors disappeared while driving to work from his Colorado home in Morrison. Adolph was the grandson of the Coors' founder and chairman of the brewery located in Golden, Colorado. Sadly- Adolph Coors would be shot to death after being kidnapped and held for ransom. One of the largest manhunts in FBI history would ensue for Joe Corbett.
A Fulbright scholar at the University of Oregon. Joe Corbett was planning on attending medical school but he had an altercation with an Air Force service member in 1951. It would result in the man dying from a gunshot wound and Corbett pleading guilty to second-degree murder. He would serve his time at San Quentin Prison for several years before his transfer to a minimum security facility. There Corbett would escape and live under the alias Walter Osborne.

A burning car was found in Atlantic City, New Jersey eight days after the Coors heir was kidnapped. Despite the deliberate arson, it did not destroy the serial number on the engine. This serial number was traced back to Corbett- witnesses had identified a yellow Mercury in the Colorado prior to the abduction. Further forensic testing determined the dirt on the car was traced to the area where Coors was snatched.
In a dump near Sedalia, Colorado, about seven months after Coors went missing, his clothing was fond. His remains would be found nearby. Joe Corbett's typewriter was found to be the machine that had created the ransom letter. The fugitive also had ordered handcuffs, leg irons and a gun through the mail prior to the millionaire's abduction. The FBI tracked Joe Corbett across Canada from Toronto to Vancouver, after issuing 1.5 million posters, resulting in his apprehension.
Joe Corbett would never testify against himself nor make any type of statement. In 1961 he was convicted and would be released in 1978.