Paleness of his skin, sparkle of those eyes –
Who would've resist gentleness rushing over?
Gold-dusted silhouette of his is stamped on my mind
Marble-likeness makes one forget what was it like – to feel sober.

He walks as if he's not aware of his potential
His casual postures are worthy to capture on canvas
Every little thing about him awakens my inspiraton
Damn, even the Prince's attitude couldn't be more aristocratical.

How do I stop seeing his face in all reflections surrounding me
Rein up my fingers from tracing these ivory bones
How do I catch my thoughts in a cage with no enter for him
What he thinks of me is still lying unknown.

Tempting heat of dark chocolate orbs makes me walk on edge
This gentleman is filling me with poetry
Blur all the lines, sign the love pledge
Start the new chapter with all that we will be.

– the girl with sparkles in her head

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