-All the bright places by Jennifer Niven
About a boy and girl who meet each other on their schools bell tower. The girl is devastated by her sisters death and the boy wants to tak his own live. The girl learns to live through a boy who wants to die but how far will she go for the boy she has come to love?

-Everyday by David levithan
Each morning A wakes up in a different body theres never any warning of who it will be. A is used to that never get to attached , avoid being noticed until one day A wakes up in the body of Justin and meets Justin's girlfriend. From that moment the rules by which A is living no longer apply because finally A has found someone he wants to be with everyday.

-The accidental life of Jessie Jefferson
Jessie has never known her real dad and when her mum dies she thinks the hope of finding him is gone until her stepdad slips up and tells her her dad is legendary rockstar Johnny Jefferson.

All of the above are great books that contain mental health awareness i'm in love with them all and i hope you will look into them :)