1. Sleep—8 hours, every night. This is and always will be #1 because it will help with every mental and physical goal under the sun. Recharge your body and mind and you can do anything.

2. No more procrastination- This one is huge for me. You can be so much more productive in a day, as well as have much more enjoyable day if you don't procrastinate. If there's something to get done, put in headphones and get it done.

3. Do everything with intention- There's a reason you're getting out of bed at six. Is it school? Well, why are you going to school? For your dream job? For financial security? Just the sheer desire for knowledge? If you're working towards something, you'll be less likely to half-ass it. Figure out why you're doing what you're doing, and then put your whole self into it.

4. Drink more water- If you're drinking more coffee than water, you're doing it wrong (@me). Water is going to solve all of your problems. Well, water and coconut oil.

5. Stand taller- Shoulders back, chin up.

6. Stop hitting snooze- If you set your alarm for 6, you're getting up at six. I don't care if your bed is warm, if you got two hours of sleep(chances are, that was because of procrastination, don't fight me on this), or if you are dreading the day ahead. Blare your favorite song and go take a shower.

7. Work towards radiating positivity- When you carry yourself with energy, uncircumstantial joy, and determination, others can feed off of that, and in turn, you can feed off of it too. Fake it until you make it.

8. Give the grace I hope to get- get a dirty look from that girl in front of you in line at the coffee shop? Maybe she had a bad day. Maybe she's just half asleep still. Maybe her dog died. Smile anyway.

Here are my eight mental health goals for the week. I'm going to post mental health goals and physical health goals, but this is just a start. I just know, staying stagnant for too long isn't doing it for me. I'm moving on up, no matter how much effort it takes. I want to be 100% there in everything I do, every conversation I have, and every relationship I am lucky enough to have. I don't expect anything from this but something to hold me accountable. This is what I'm going to come back to when I need something to make me get off social media when I have homework to do, or when I am having trouble mustering up a reason to get out of bed in the morning.

A little explanation:

Almost two years ago, I did what so many people do: I peaked after a bad relationship ended. You get this lightness and you feel like you can do anything after you finally do what you didn't know think that you could. I listened to rap music religiously every morning while getting ready for work or school. I was all-in about six days a week at the gym. I was a full-time college student working almost full-time, and I was just ON. I was smiling all the time, I walked with confidence, and I made friends everywhere I went.

Now, fast forward about two years, and I honestly have everything I could want. I have a great relationship with my friends and family, as well as my incredible boyfriend. I am finishing up my fourth and final semester at the community school where I was getting my gen-eds, and am accepted at and will be starting school at the chiropractic school I've been so excited about. There, I will finish my undergrad in an accelerated program, and will start the doctorate program a year from this spring.

Here's the kicker though. While my life is better than it's ever been on paper, and every outside factor is more than ideal, I've let myself go. Yeah, I still work out almost every day. I still smile at strangers. The difference is, I'm tired at the gym. I don't apply myself there. I smile shyly, not fearlessly like before. I slouch a little more than I used to, and I'm tired always.

So, what's my problem? I've thought long and hard about this question, and I've decided that I just lost my resolve somewhere along the way. I was so low in the beginning that I could only go up. I was sad enough that I did everything I could to make others, even strangers, smile. I was also doing everything I could to distract myself. So I worked and I worked, and I got to where I wanted to be. I must've just decided, "I reached my goals so let's stop trying." So, this is going to be all about what my goals are and how I want to achieve them.

My biggest fear is living a mediocre life, and I won't settle for anything less than an extraordinary life. There are too many beautiful people and opportunities around me to just have mediocre, and I am willing to work for any opportunities that I have to. I'm willing to work hard, and that's how I'm going to accomplish my goals. I firmly believe you can do anything with hard work. So, here it goes: week one.