Hey everyone! My name is Eda and today I am sharing a bit about myself (in pictures) #ThisIsMeChallenge. It is my first article on We Heart It :)

My style

converse image fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, outfit, and winter image fashion, jeans, and style image

Favorite Color

art, paint, and pink image beautiful, london, and orang image pink, beach, and sand image flowers, tulips, and pink image


animal, dog, and cute image bed, dog, and fur image flowers and white image dog, cute, and animal image
The most friendly dog


books, read, and reading image cheesecake, cake, and delicious image diy, photo, and gift image art, drawing, and flowers image


cake and chocolate image Image by charlinedbs losteria image food, healthy, and Chicken image


gif image Image removed quotes, motivation, and work image quotes, me, and life image


girl, cinema, and popcorn image drink, water, and tumblr image tree, nature, and photography image girls, fashion, and food image

Favorite books right now

after you, book, and books image etsy, home decor, and word art image goals and scott eastwood image john verdon and shut your eyes tight image
'After you' Jojo Moyes, 'Phaidon' Platon, 'The Longest Ride' Nicholas Sparks, 'Think Of A Number' John Verdon

Dreams and Goals

Inspiring Image on We Heart It australia, travel, and before i die image graduation, high school, and red image farmhouse and porch image beautiful, fashionable, and interior image Temporarily removed

Anddd HERE ends my first article. Do you think we have something in common?
- xoxo, Eda