Having one of those days that everything and everyone annoys you? Every little thing get on your nerves? You just wanna scream at people, tell them to be quiet? Are you tired of unnecessary argues? Do you just want to be alone, in reality? Do you need a break from this? A way to stop this? Well, keep reading. I might have some advices to change things.

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Take a step back from the situation. You probably want to be on your own... Go outside or go in your room to try to think more clearly. It's okay to take some time for yourself, to relax. You might be exhausted which could be the cause of your impatience, take a nap. Listen to music or read a book to escape in a new world.
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Arguing isn't good for you. Also, let's be honest sometimes it just gets too much and it can make things worse. Learn your limit and when you need a break. Often, these fights are completely unnecessary and about useless things. Accept the fact you might not have been in the best mood. Don't be ashamed to admit you could be wrong.