I understand if you think things never get better but honestly, they really do.

so, for me i started to self harm because i couldnt think of a different outlet and i was struggling between school, family, and friends. i was completely stressed out and i started feeling depressed over time.
i tried my best constantly not to cry in class or around my friends or family so they didnt have to worry, but things got worse when my step-mother saw my cuts and my father found out, thats when everything went down hill. Constant fighting between all of us and i gave up, so i decided to move to my mothers to get away from everything but that didnt not work either.
we all tried family therapy but it never worked either.
my parents put me and in a treatment home thinking it would help. i stayed there for 8 months and nothing changed, as soon as i went back home, everything went back to normal. I went right back to self harm.
my mom brought me to the hostpital, i tried to commit suicide that night.
after that i went back to my fathers house thinking everything would be fine and i cant just be happy again, but not, it was fine for two weeks then the fighting came back. my family threatened to send me away and i, once again, tried to overdose .

i went to the hospital and i stayed there for two weeks, where they decided to send me to youthdale, which is a place for troubled kids.

i was there for a month and thats when i got over my most recent boyfriend and actually learnt to love myself.
i didnt have to continue to fake a smile or force a laugh, i was actually happy again.
but i knew i wasnt perfect, i knew i would still have troubles but all that matters is that i made it through. just give yourself a little hope and you'll get over it.

just breathe.