The last year was a year very important to me cause a learn a lot of things about life, friends, goals,love and self control. I change a lot, i can say that i'm a totally different person now and the person that i was a year ago is gone.
So i wanna share with you guys some thing that a learn the last year, i gonna post everyday a new article about this things.
PS. Sorry for my broken english
Today i wanna share with u about:


*It's everywhere, i mean, sometimes we think that love it's just a romantic thing, you know, roses, movies, kisses, and yes! it can be feel in that way, but it's something so much bigger than that, love is always around us, in our family member's smile, and our dogs, in the trees, and a hot chocolate, in a old photograph inside of a shoe's box, in a very very very magic song, we just need to give attention and see.

*It's not a option, i used to think that we can decided love or not to love people, but now i know that love is something that we have to give to everybody, go out and give love ans respect to everyone.

*It's a bravery act, when we give love we give a part of us, and it is a risk, but we have to be brave and if someone hurt us, we gonna heal, but also we gonna grow and that's so important. Always respect the love thah people give you, because they have fear too and we have to take care of their love and respect that.