Always, when you are feeling down, remember that it could be worse. I know it' s not much optimistic but it helps. Try to focus on things which make you feel at least a bit happy.

  • Check old photos of you and your friends and family from good old days and be grateful for these moments.
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  • Watch movies or series that makes you laught or aslo cry. This will remind you that people somewhere around the world are dealing with worse problems than you.
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  • Listen to your fav music because music helps always. With every like under your favourite song there is a person, who might be feeling just like you while listening this.
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  • Create something because something of you will remain forever.
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  • Throw your phone away and go to see how beautiful our planet is.
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  • Just do what you like.
We must be grateful for what we have, because somewhere are people, who would want to have our problems.