Hiiiii my squishy marshmallows!!! <3
this was supposed to be my first article but i wrote one about kpop first haha ^^
my name is Ana and i'm 15 years old. I'm from Portugal :3
i'm gonna do some facts about me and i hope we can be friends <33


.I love music (especially k-pop)

.Asian culture lover :3

.I play badminton

.Dance is everything to me<3

.love to sing, play the guitar, write songs, draw, paint and take photos

.LGBT+ supporter (however i'm not part of it)

.i love cute, creepy, kawaii things ^^

.i'm a unicorn, a panda and a baby u.u

.my favourite color is black

.my favourite animal is the wolf <3

.my favourite stone is the pink quatrz

.i speak fluent sarcasm e.e


ik it's short, i'm not really interesting ;-;
check out my other article and i hope i'll see you in the next one :3
bye cuties <3