Don't worry this isn't a negative article! I would never ♥

I wanted to talk about how it is to be someone who sees many films and quotes all about "Following your dreams!" and "Chasing your goals!" yet being someone who doesn't have a clear goal or dream in mind. Just to clarify, I see nothing wrong with those films and quotes, if anything I agree with them, it's just that we rarely see the other side of that, the people who don't have dreams and goals yet.

I haven't really met anyone who's in the same situation, so I just wanted to put myself out there for other people who may feel the same way, same, buddy, same.

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I have a general goal y'know, be healthy, get a job I enjoy, continue the loving relationship I have, etc. Yet, I have no idea what I want to actively pursue, this is to do with employment, but also about having nothing I want to study at university.

At the end of sixth form, I went on a gap year because I had nothing I wanted to study at university, I had interests in a number of subjects but I couldn't commit to one, my interest in one alone was never that high. I tend to go through phases of interest, hopping around from one to another.

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During the start of my gap year, I felt guilt and pressure, like I should have something, something I want to do!

These feelings are what I want to address and talk people out of!

(I had to be talked out of it, heh, so thank you to those who helped me ♥)

1) You have all the time in the world to find whatever you want to pursue, it doesn't matter if you wait to go to university, there are courses for people of any age, it doesn't matter if you don't go at all in the end. Plus, you can always take online courses!

2) It will happen, just keep exploring the possibilities, don't be afraid to try new things~ It might even end up being a combination of smaller goals because you just weren't meant to pursue one!

3) I know this isn't for everyone, but if there isn't a job out there that you want, make one that you want, start a business, start a something. Make your own dream. ♥ cringe

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What I recommend for you:

"Study hard, major in anything at a good college, get a good job anywhere, and make a lot of money. And one day, when you finally find what you want to do, then take that money you've saved from studying anything, and do what you really want to do without hesitation."

"There's no need to get anxious. You can catch up. There's only one thing you need to do anyway. Just do what you can do for now."

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Much love ♥

Some extras for you:

The quoted extract above is from a webtoon/comic that addresses this so well and helped me find motivation during sixth form! If you want the exact page it's from Ep. 48 - All Right, Then.

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