Hey guys, I want to introduce you to my morning routine

girl, body, and goals image
1. I usually sleep next to my phone, so when I wake up I start checking my phone and see what happened on social media over night (Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter & Co)
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2. After that I go to the bathroom and take a bath or have a shower. It depends on my mood is .
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3. Then I get ready; brushing my teeth and dry my hair. When I need to go out i put on some make-up and some classy clothes and i curl my hair. If I'm not going out i just put on some moisturizer,put on sweatpants and put my hair in a bun.
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4. After that I'm going to make breakfast, usually some fruits and coconut water and I'm putting on a movie or series on Netflix. At the moment it is American Horror Story, absolutly the best series that was ever made!

That was my morning routine in the holidays, hope you enjoyed it and I could inspired you!