Everyone has those moments during their day that just suck and bring your mood down. Recently, I have discoverd that they are pretty easy to get rid of those moments after you list them if you are willing to make effort.

Now the key here is to think small & simple for once. Normally, these artcials tell you to dream big and reach for the start and I'm a lover for that state of mind but this is about your daily routine. It is really more effective to think small in this case. So just make a list of

I will show you my list with shitty moments and my solutions as an example.

- when I have to go from house to the busstop and from the busstop to my house by bycicle, I passionately hate it because the weather feels so much worse to me when I'm on my bycicle

- when I am late for class because the bus I take to go to school is ALWAYS late, yes ALWAYS

- when I come back from dance class I eat and after that I will stay on my phone or watch tv for an hour, after that I always stres about finishing my homework or other things I had to do

- when I come home, after my annoying trip from the bus stop to my house, I always feel so hungry and I will literally eat whatever I will find in the kitchen and feel so full and nauseos after that

- when I wake up, sometimes I'm extremely tired and I just can't manage to get out of bed so I will stay there untill it's necessary and i have to hurry as if my life depends on it

- I have decided from now on, if the weather isn't too miserable, I will walk to my busstop or my home. In general I do prefer walking. The result is that I will have to leave earlier and wake up earlier (or run :))

- I'm going to take one bus earlier so that I can make sure I'm on time

- The last solution is also a solution for this problem. I will allow myself to have free time for an hour, but in that hour I have to eat and after that get to work. The time that I have to wait at school untill the course begins I can finish the last bit of homework.

- From now on I'm going to take a little snack extra with me to school which I can eat while walking home, so when I get home I'm not hungry AF. When I get home I will only have a drink.

- I already have to wake up earlier because I want to walk to the busstop and want to take one bus earlier so this is the only point that I'm going to be strict for myself. No matter what, I have to sleep 8 hours, I now that this is my limit. Of course this doesn't apply to everybody so my advice is to figure out what your own limit is.

Now as you can see these are not very big changes but I have been practising them for a while and for me this really works. It definately makes me happier so I can recommend doing this to everyone.

Just always remember to not be too strict for yourself, you are a humen being and we, human beings, make mistakes and have flaws. I'm also messing up these sometimes and it is really important to not feel down when the plan you make doesn't go perfectly.

I hope that this inspires you, much love.