Everything in life is about balance.
good and bad,
birth and death;
sun and moon;
day and night;
smiles and tears;
sweet and sour;
white and black.

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There is a reason for everything because
"if bad things didn't happen
how would you be able
to feel the good ones?"
And the opposite,
bad moments won't last forever,
and neither will good moments.

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There would be no world if everything was perfect and everything we want happened,
It would be a catastrophe!

Balance is the rule of life
where there's the same amount of happiness and sadness,
even if sometimes we don't see it.

(so we don't get bored :D)

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We don't have to worry about what awaits us and what may happen in the future so much because it's pointless!
What is supposed to happen will happen, we just have to work hard, love hard, be positive and persistent and have faith. :)

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