I broke up with him after 2 years of dating. The relationship was toxic and was never peaceful. He lied to me a lot. It was hard to accept the break up but eventually, I felt better about it

1. Don't listen to sad or romantic songs. Listen to songs that will motivate you to stay strong.You don't need your toxic ex to take care of you.

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2. Don't look at the pictures. You may not have the heart to delete them, so don't look at them. You will delete them soon when you feel better about the break up, I promise.

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3. Give away the gifts he got for you if they constantly remind you of him or if they make you feel more upset. It would be nice to donate those gifts to the others who would want them.

4. Allow yourself to cry as much as you can. Don't keep your emotions in. Cry and cry and cry. You will feel a lot better.

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5. Get yourself busy. Workout, jog or go to the gym. Or just take a walk at the park with a dog.

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6. Read motivational books about loving yourself and dealing with the pain.

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7. Talk to someone and have a bonding time with them. Your sister, your best friend or your mother. They will support you and help you throughout the pain. It's completely normal to overthink and get upset about the pain. You will heal and you will realize how the pain will make you stronger.

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