During the beginning of the year I wanted to listen something new other than heavy rock n roll such as Slipknot or Marilyn Manson. Then one day out of the blue Cuco came into my life and I quickly became fan of him and his popular music.

1. Lover Is A Day 💜🌙
2. Amor De Siempre 💖❤😍
3. Neon Baby 💟👶
4. Lava Lamp 💫
5. Winter's Ballad 🌨✨
6. We Had To End It😢💔
7. Rest Easy, I'll See You Again😴💕
8. Cupid's Quiver💘🤤
9. I've Left My Body And I Don't Want To Come Back😒💙
10. Sunnyside (New Single) ☀💛