Hey guys!
Thought it would be something for my followers to get to know me since I've just got 1,7k followers. I'm very very very very thankful for the followers and I'm happy people like the things I upload and the collections I have. Sooo this is like a special thingy thing so you guys can get to know me a little, and I encourage everybody else to do this! I wanna get to know you too!

A - Age
I'm currently 14 but I'm turning 15 in July

B - Best Movie
Oh, there's so many but I really like old movies from the 2000's and up like "A Princess Diary", "Mean Girls", "27 Dresses" etc
I also like horror movies like "Purge", "Tag", "Saw", "Annabelle" and "Insidious"

C - Current Time
It's 11:49 am (Sweden)

D - Drink You Last Had
Hot chocolate!

E - Everyday Starts With...
Body ache(I sleep bad)

F - Favorite Song
Bihh, they are wayyyyy too many, but I'm currently listening to Lil Peep and Dean's "Instagram"

G - Grossest Memory
UGH, when my friend bought these Russian(no offend) jelly beans on my birthday and she wanted us to play this game where we chose a jelly bean and ate it without knowing the taste of it

It was definitely the grossest thing I've ever eaten. There were jelly beans tasting like buggars, puke and earwax *almost puking when writing this

H - Height
So this must be the most sensetive question, like I'm very short...149 cm/4'11"(approximately)

I - I'm In Love With...
With da coco

J - Jealous
Of people who are tall and of people with dimples

K - Killed Someone?
No, but I was close

L - Last Time You Cried?
Yesterday when I was listening to Lee Hi's cover of Jonghyn's song "Breathe". I miss him so much!

M - Middle Name
Malik(I know, like Zayn Malik XD)

N - Number Of Siblings
2, a big brother and a little sister, both are annoying tho

O - One Wish
To be able to wake up one day and frikkin realize what I want to become or work with!

P - Person you last called/ texted
My friend cause she was aksing me why I didn't come to school, cause it's Monday today and I thought it was Sunday, but I'm sick so I was to lazy to rush to school, lol

Q - Questions You're Always Asked
"Why u so short?" I mean average Swedish people are like 2 meters like wth, no wonder people be looking down on me, I'm not even fully swedish tho

R - Reasons To Smile
I'm always the one who makes other people smile, soo

S - Song You Last Sang
"Bad Boy" with Red Velvet

T - Time You Woke Up
9 am

Underwear Colour
What kind of pervert questions is dis? Anyway, it's orange with white stars on, lol

V - Vacation Place(s)
I've only been to places were I have cousins and relatives, like in London, New Jersey, Dhaka, Sylhet, Cox Bazaar but I've been to Turkey, Pakistan and Dubai aswell but I want to go to South Korea, Havanaa and The Maldives

W - Worst Habit
If I'm at home alone I always sneak into the kitchen for a good snacking session

X - X - Rays You've had
Ummmmm, don't think so

Y - Your favorite Food
Pasta pesto, risotto, kimchi, ramyen, biryani, labne, I basically eat everything and anything(excluding pork, and non-halal meat and chicken as I'm muslim)

Z - Zodiac Sign