If you do not have one yet I will make you want. The bullet journal is something very useful if you use a lot of diary and post it. I give you some points to adopt a bullet Journal and I give you my point of view. A bullet Journal is above all personal.

The organization

The bulllet journal is a planer obviously you put there the calendar of the month and you note there your appointments etc etc. You can say bye-bye post-it where the little papers that fly and that suddenly are lost.


You can give a different theme for each month and draw in it(Doodles) , its empty a little head this system and gives color and therefore a good positivity to your notebook. Inspiration Pinterest


The bujo is just useful from every point of view. First of all it’s a schedule, then you can add a To do list, then you can add a list of movies (or books) seen or read, you can add your objectives as would you like to acquire in the month, etc. etc.

My point of view

For me the bullet journal I quickly adopted because I love this system to « give life » to your agenda. I give it a different theme for each month (ex: the month of February was Valentine’s Day). The bullet journal is a gain of places because in you can really everything organized.