So this is my first article so I figured I would start with this challenge. I've seen it all over WHI and I'm not sure who started it but credits to the creator. So let's get started...


fashion image nails, girl, and black image fashion, clothes, and style image fashion, style, and clothes image
leather jackets, skinny jeans, flannels, hoodies, and painted nails


Image removed black and flower image aesthetic, black, and edit image fashion, sweater, and style image
black, white, and gray


cat, black, and animal image gif and baby sloth image cute, animal, and hedgehog image fox, animal, and cute image
cats, sloths, hedgehogs, and fox


pizza, yummy, and love image strawberry, chocolate, and food image food, pasta, and yummy image ice cream, cookie dough, and food image
pizza, chocolate covered strawberries (and regular strawberries), pasta, and ice cream


coffee, city, and book image camera, polaroid, and photography image passport, travel, and pink image music, time, and quotes image
writing, photography (especially Polaroids), traveling, and music


sleep, forever, and grunge image friends, chandler, and quotes image quotes, sad, and happy image music, escape, and quotes image
I'm always tired, I'm extremely awkward, I'm kinda moody, and listen to a lot of music

Dreams and Goals

london, uk, and england image book, aesthetic, and writing image positive, happy, and free image mom, proud, and love image
I want to travel the world, write loads of poetry, be happy, and make my family proud


book, milk and honey, and aesthetic image books, read, and poesia image mental health, music, and youtube image book, gryffindor, and box image
milk and honey, adultolescence, secrets for the mad, and harry potter

And that's all! Now that you know a little bit about me let me know what articles you want to read next...

-Midnight 💋