Do you know the extent of my love for you?
Usually I wouldn't even attempt to put them into my own words but tonight it felt right for me to try.
Knowing that I have you makes me feel like I can breathe on my own. It makes me feel like Christmas every single day.
No amount of cash or status would ever change the way I look at you.
My love for you runs deep through every one of my veins and it is hot.
I love you more than birds love to chirp during a mildly warm spring sunrise or more than the smell of sunflowers during the summer sunset.
You are beautiful, handsome and mystical.
Your touch can be gentle like the way someone would handle a freshly picked rose yet sometimes it reminds me of the way silk sheets come alive with static in the winter.
Never would I let you out of my sight if it where my choice because I love the way I feel on the inside when you are next to me.
You smell of cologne the kind ill remember forever because of the summer nights we spent together and the fall and winter ones too.
You have the most dark immaculate eyes that are sometimes memorizing and easy to get lost into.
Every imperfection on your body is beautiful to me and I wouldn't change anything that I see on the outside.
On the inside that is where we become very similar but in very different ways.
I wish that you could see yourself through my eyes then you would know what you mean to me on the deepest truest level. I wish that I could know for a fact that you know what I feel but life doesn't work that way and we are left always guessing. I guess that is why trust is a thing. You put all of your trust in me and all of your insecurity and guard goes down for me and we are vulnerable together and it is rare to feel comfortable in that situation, yet I do because.... I love you
It isn't the disposable kind of love either.
It is a love truer than anything or anyone on this earth can handle.
I don't think that anything I just said did the way I feel any sort of justice but I tried for you...