A - Age

I'm 15 years old

B - Best Movie

She's the man

C - Current Time

It's 9:54 pm

D - Drink You Last Had

Chocolate milkshake

E - Everyday Starts With

water, sometimes an apple or a banana, and rarely an egg with sausages

F - Favourite Song

Currently: This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race by Fall Out Boy

G - Grossest Memory

I really have no idea

H - Height

154 cm (5'05)

I - In Love With

Mike, Sabby and much more

J - Jealous

Yes, sometimes

K - Killed Someone

Only in my head

L - Last Time I Cried

Yesterday, from laughter.
Yesterday because of a movie, for sadness.

M - Middle Name


N - Number Of Siblings

Two sisters, both older than me

O - One Wish

Go to Ireland

P - Person You Last Called/Texted

Ursu💖 - called
Jesus - texted

Q - Questions Your Always Asked

I'm not sure... idk

R - Reasons To Smile

mike, sabby, my friends, stupid jokes, stupid pickup lines, my family, him

S - Song You Last Sang

First date - blink 182

T - Time You Woke Up

5: 50 am

U - Underwear Colour

right now is black

V - Vacation Places

some years ago los angeles

W - Worst Habit

i am super lazy, overthinking, eating a lot, being super emotional, sometimes bitting my nails

X - Xrays you've had


Y - Your Favourite Food

holy shit, that's a very hard question

Z - Zodiac Sign