I've decided to try this article stuff
I'm known as Michaela , Kayla, Karefree, or Kay.
I'm 17.


book, reading, and light image shopping and saweetie image money, theme, and aesthetic image Image by shannon


fashion, black, and girl image Mature image dogs image fashion, style, and outfit image


tattoo, dog, and bed image dog, cute, and couple image dog, animal, and puppy image dogs and animals image


beautiful, bees, and black image gods, percy jackson, and rick riordan image book, beach, and poem image book, aesthetic, and pink image


adriana, adrianalima, and brunette image Andre, golden state warriors, and stephen curry image 2pac, liquor, and tupac image rihanna, money, and riri image


meme, kermit, and reaction image Image by lupocattivo beautiful, black woman, and gif image meme, dog, and reaction image

these are some things that show into my personality.
i hope to be posting more. (: