1. didnt ever meet my real dad

2. favorite color is pink since i knew what colors were i would say

Image by wonderland

3. i care about only sum people

4. my favorite superhero is captain america

actor, Avengers, and captain america image

5. i love fantasy movies

unicorn and baby image

6. im a very nice person

7. not fake

8. obviously i love food

9. i adore starbucks

10. eyes change blue gray green

11 my hair is naturally blonde

12. im Belarus, Romanian Gypsy. Greek, Polish, Jewish, Ukrainian, and Russian

13. i speak 2 languages

14. terrible in math

15. love reading books that i like

16. i like only one boy

17. favorite store american eagle

18. i love ambercombie & fitch

19. i love dc comics

20. i like unique people

21. im different then people

22. i am authentic

23. love aesthetic stuff

24. i go to church almost every sunday

25. im a christian

26. i try to be a good person

27. love cheese

28. love coffee it makes me happy

29. music makes me happy

30. i think too much