Hello everyone! So in this post I need to write about 3 celebrity crushes I have! This is such a difficult topic for pretty much everyone! There are so many great actors and actresses out there that you can't just be choosing 3 of them! Anyways, life's difficult haha. Before starting I wanted to add that I consider a crush when that celebrity is handsome and idk they have just something that kills me. I don't know how to express mysel correctly, just enjoy this post, I guess, hehe.
I'm going to write about 1 singer and 2 actors.

Theo James

theo james, divergent, and four image

When I first saw "Divergent" I was not expecting to get a crush on any actor, but I did. As soon as he appered on the screen I got shook! (idk if that is writting correctly, but you get it). He looked kind of indiferent to the girl, he was just sooo sexy and hot with all those tattoos and he is also protective and he's always there for her. He was mainly my first crush I remember and I still love him. He's the reason I'd watch Divergent over and over again.

Alex Roe

alex roe image

If you do not know him or do not recognize him, I'll help you. He's the one who appears in the fifth wave, the movie. I mean , you should know him! Whatever. just look at him, it's self-explanatory haha. I particularly loved that he was half alien and half human, or he was an alien at all, anyways, if you did not know, I prefer aliens over zoooombies, so he was everything! The way he protected her, the ways he looked at me, sorry confused, at her, the way he did his role in that movie, I got fascinated. We can't ignore that handsome face with that hot body haha. Just love him.

Bruno Mars

bruno mars image

I'm sorry if you disagree, but it's a kinda sorry not sorry hehe. I said that I was going to include a singer, so who better than my dear Brunito Mars! You know, there are many things why I love him and I consider him a crush. First of all, his voice is everything, I'm pretty sure you agree on that. He has such and angelic voice, he raps, he hits high notes (not always so high but perfect), he sings peacefully notes. You can't deny he's actually a great singer. Second, he's sexy, confident, he know who he is! He's also kinda handsome hehe. Third, His dance moves. If you have seen his dance moves either you hate them or love them. I absolutely love them! those moves are sooo crazy but so unique. I can't say more about his dancing, I just love them.

So this is it! I have more crushes but these are the ones who have been in my list since forever. Anyways, once I finish with this challenge I can write more about this, playlists and all that stuff, IF I don't choose another challenge hehe. Love you guys and see you tomorrow.

Best Wishes For You
Susan Nayeli