''God, I'm so done'', I exclaimed.
Him and I were just done with our part-time job where we helped younger children at our school do their homework correctly.

''Yeah, same. These kids are so annoying. At least we're getting paid.'', he answered tiredly.

HE didn't need to complain, I thought while walking down the hallway with him.

school image

The fifth grade girls fancied him to the moon. Even I remember fancying the older guys who helped me with my homework when I was in fifth grade. Seems to me as if ages have passed since that carefree time although it's just few years.
The fifth grade boys weren't to thrilled with me. I was kind of strict even though once in a while I joked around with them a bit.
Anyway, I expressed my thoughts about him getting a bit too friendly with the younger girls to which he retorted:

''You are jealous, right? SO possesive!''

Well, I was not jealous. Obviously, I had a greater chance with him because I was his age unlike girls who were still very, very young. Still, I felt something when he said those words. Nothing had ever happened between us and that hurt. No matter what I tried to talk myself into I was in love with him. And yes, I always had been a bit possesive about the people I liked: my sisters, friends and of course my crush who was walking right next to me.

We came past a toilet and I realized I needed to go so I told him to wait till I come back.
When I was done he was standing right where I had left him.

boy, guy, and handsome image

Gosh, I felt the urge to run up to him and hug him so tightly and never let go.
I did not do it.
''You didn't answer my question.You are jealous?'', he asked again.

''You're so full of yourself. But you know what? Yes, I am''

Was I going mad? Did I just really say that? Never in my whole life had I ever told a guy how I felt towards them.

''I knew it'', he grinned.

''You know nothing. I'm going to explain because you are too blind to understand''

Yes, totally mad. I ordered him to stop walking. He looked confused, however, there was a twinkling in his eyes like a kid who's getting candy. Cute weirdo.

''I don't know what to say but actually all I wanna do is-''

'' ... to kiss me, right?'' , he finished my sentence for me.

Wow, I had not expected that. He wasn't blind, after all!
Just know I noticed how close we were standing. He had his way of looking into one's eyes there was no way you could do anything but look back. That twinkling, it was clearer than ever before. Would I really get what I wanted? To feel his lips on mine... even thinking about it made me blush. We had never been more than friends.

I started to open my mouth to say yes but he didn't let me. His lips were on mine before I could even prepare myself. So, that's how it feels like to kiss someone you really like.
He parted my lips with his tongue and I felt it on mine, then roaming around in my mouth tasting every part of it. I was getting a bit dizzy from all the emotions. I felt everything:confusion, love, excitement about the new experience. I drew back.
I could not help but smile goofily. This was what I had wanted for at least half a year.
My god, it really had happened.


My god, I was excited about writing this article because I have imagined this scene a lot although I do not do that a lot anymore.
It might happen one day. Not exactly like this but I know that although we both act like we don't care he misses me as much as I miss him. I hope so at least :)

I would really love if you could take the time and tell what exactly you liked about this article (if you liked it) and send me a message. I really want to improve my writing skills.

So good night and I hope you have some creative imagines this night, too.