wow guys! thanks for all the love on my last article! i'm so grateful for all of you. anywho, since you guys seemed to like my last article, i'm doing another one! these are my favorite tv shows. i'm pretty sure all of these are on netflix. maybe not. don't know!
hope you like! - emma <3

1. grey's anatomy

ahhh i love this show. so much drama and action-packed. when i started watching, i hated all the blood and guts. but now i watch and i'm like "it's stage four dummy! you have to resect the tumor!" so i'm basically pro-doctor. lol.

2. stranger things

yeah, i know. basic. you're probably all thinking "SO OVERRATED!" but oh god this show is GOOD! it is full of emotion and mystery! it is a little creepy but you know what? it's all fun and games.

3. the good place

eleanor is my spirit animal tbh. this show is so, so hilarious. it's about four people who live in the afterlife. every episode has a crazy plot twist and i'm in love. it's very modern and very creative. the characters are really relatable too. go watch!

4. this is us

don't get me started. this. show. is. amazing. i usually don't cry when it comes to shows or movies, but this show gets the tear factory WORKING! so well done and well acted. every episode i cry. no joke. it's quite incredible and i definitely recommend.

5. better late than never

i bet nobody has heard of this show, but holy moly it's hilarious. it's a reality tv show about four old famous legends (Henry Winkler, Terry Bradshaw, William Shatner & George Forman) that go on trips around the world and do crazy things. they're accompanied by Jeff Dye, a comedian. it's so funny!

6. once upon a time

i'm gonna be honest, i stopped watching this show when the new season came out because it's a whole new story. but this used to be my all time favorite show. it's about story book characters come to life. they live in a town and they don't remember who they are. awesome series.

7. kids baking championship

okay so this sounds weird. but i love to bake and all of these kids are adorable! it's so interesting to watch them bake and their techniques. it's also fun to watch them bake so much better than me. rip.

thanks for reading loves! i know i didn't put a lot of tv shows but that's because i don't watch a lot of tv... oops. if you have any article ideas feel free to message me! not sure if you have to be following someone and they have to be following you. but if its a one way then totally message me! thanks! <3 you guys!