Fat. Ugly. Weird. Loud. Stupid. Dumb. Idiot. Bitch. Whore. Slut. Hoe. Small. Soft. I could fit a plane through the gap in your teeth. Stupid bitch. Are you on your period? Why are you so spotty? Why are you so tall? You have no friends. You'll never get married. She doesn't want a boyfriend so she's probably gay. You can't do that because you're a girl. I wish I could do that because I'm not a girl. You alright sexy? I wonder what noises you make when you have sex. Do you masturbate? I bet you've fingered yourself. That's skirts a bit short don't you think?

How I wish I answered back.

Yes I know I've put some weight on but that's because I'm developing because of something called puberty. I know I'm weird, stupid, dumb, an idiot and a bit of a bitch but aren't we all. how can I be a whore, slut or a hoe when I'm a virgin? I am aware that my gap it pretty big but your penis will never meet it's size if you think a plane can fit through it. I get it, I know I'm a stupid bitch, I've told myself a million times. If I have no friends then tell me why them random people hugged me when I was crying and told me everything will be okay when I felt like killing myself. When I get married, to someone who isn't you, I'll invite you and make you envy the woman I will have became. Maybe I don't want a boyfriend because I have no time to waste on immature little boys. I can do anything. You can do anything. Do you really want to be calling a 13 year old sexy you paedophile. I wonder too because guess what, I'VE NEVER EXPERIENCED IT ARE YOU DUMB? Of course I masturbate who do you think I am. In fact I've never. No I don't, what I thought is that I looked amazing in it.